About DDMA

Data Driven Marketing Association (DDMA)

With 350+ organisation members, DDMA is the largest data-driven marketing association of the Netherlands. If used wisely and correctly we believe data can help companies achieve big things. As an association within one of the fastest-growing industries in Western Europe, we aim to create a sustainable environment for both companies ├índ consumers by gathering knowledge on how to organize a privacy-friendly customer interaction based on data. With knowledge sharing, professionalization and self-regulation we bring the sector to a higher level. 

Our committee AI 

It is the belief of DDMA and the DDMA Artificial Intelligence Committee that an ethical, responsible approach to AI will benefit both organisations and their customers the most, while also increasing public support for the use of algorithms and machine learning.The goal of the DDMA Committee on AI is to promote the use of 'responsible AI' for marketing and other forms of interaction with customers. The DDMA AI Maturitytest is one of our many initiatives. 

Do you want to learn more about the AI Maturity test or DDMA membership? Contact us: info@ddma.nl or 020 4528413

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