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Which of the statements below fits your organisation best in terms of AI maturity?

The AI Maturity Test

You're about to start the test. To make sure that all participants complete the test from the same starting point, please note the following.

1. 1Take your own organisation as starting point. If you work for an agency, please answer the questions for your organisation. Not that of a client.

  1. 2. Depending on your role we will ask questions about different themes like organisation, technology and impact.

  2. 3. If you still have doubts, please choose the answer that suits your organisation best. To complete the test, you must answer all questions.

    After completing the test, you can see how your organisation scores on each theme and compared to other participants. The score is divided in four maturity levels. The DDMA AI Committee will give you advise per theme on how to reach the next level. 


How many and what type of people work on AI in your organisation or understand it?


Who initiates AI projects in your organisation?


To what degree do business and data scientists/engineers work together on AI in your organisation?


How are the data science teams organised around AI projects?


How are AI initiatives funded?


To what extent is the legal department involved in AI projects?


To what extent does your organisation consider ethical aspects of AI projects?


To what extent do you explain your AI models?


What types of data sources are being used for AI purposes?


What type of data storage solutions do you use to train AI models?


What kind of algorithms are being used in your company?


How is the AI infrastructure set up in your company?


In what time frame do you expect that a significant number of business processes are using AI?


How long does it usually take between the start of an AI project, and the first live tests?


What percentage of AI projects also goes into production?


For what kind of purposes is AI used in your organisation?


How would you describe the impact AI makes in business value for your organisation?

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